Lose yourself in the magical world of C.S. Lewis' Narnia. Come explore the deepest reaches of the Great Woods, join in with a midnight dance with the fauns on Dancing Lawn, or dine with royalty at the Court of Cair Paravel.

Whether you're a MU* veteran or you've never heard of a MUCK before, NarniaMUCK is a unique and exciting world you won't want to miss. Read on to find out more, and then log on to see it for yourself.. Read more »

Website Issues

We have the website back up and running. The hosting company updated all sites to PHP 7.2, which apparently is incompatible with website's software (an aging version of Drupal). I've downgraded PHP for now, but at some point in the future we'll need to upgrade Drupal.

2018 In Review

We've had an eventful year here on NarniaMUCK! Here are some of the highlights:

In Narnia:

  • In March, the Centaur Tarval interpreted a prophecy from the heavens pertaining to Narnia's next ruler:

    Red will be the crown
    of the one who at last will come home;
    a line once forgotten reborn,
    and valor the path to the throne

    Word of the prophecy quickly spread across Narnia, further muddying the Narnian Councils attempts to ascertain who to select as the next rightful ruler of the country.

Staff Update: Pipford

You may have seen Pipford wandering around the game the last few years as an OOC character. They are now officially RP staff! Please give them a warm hello followed by a barrage of requests.

IC Happenings: 2017

Hey guys!

We haven’t done one of these big updates for a while, but NarniaMUCK’s had one eventful year that looks likely to lead into another eventful year, and we figured a recap might be useful for anybody who wants to jump back in but isn't sure where to start. Read more »

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