(A guide for new players)

Connecting to the Game

The first thing you will want to do is scroll the webpage downward until you can see the entire FMud pane (the grey box on the left side of the page). If you can't see the pane you may need to install a flash player for your browser.

Next you will want to connect as a guest character. The guest character lets you get to know the game before signing up. First click in the input box (the white box in the bottom part of the FMud pane). All commands you send to the game are typed in the input box followed by the enter key.

To connect to the guest character typee connect guest guest in the input box (don't forget to press enter). This will connect you as a guest character with a name like g.Dwarf.

The first thing the game will describe to you is the room in which the character is standing.

You may get greeted right away, either by a staff member or another player. Depending on how they communicate with you, you have a couple of ways to respond. Click next to find out more...

Communicating With Other Players

If you see something like Jack exclaims, "Hi! then Jack used the say command. To respond, you could type say Hello!, replacing Hello! with anything that you wish to say. Whenever you use the say command, only players in the same room as you will be able to see it.

Because 'says' are supposed to be "in character", a player might choose to use the out-of-character (OOC) chat to talk to you. Like 'says', they are only seen by the players in the same room as the chatter. An OOC message might look like OOC> Jack says, "Hi.". You can respond in kind by typing ooc, then a space, and then whatever you wish to say: ooc hi.

If instead you see Jack pages, "hi" to you.. Paging is used to talk to a specific player regardless of where they are located in the game. To respond, you might type page jack=Hello!.

If you need some help, it is a good idea to type staff and use page to contact someone who is on duty.

Moving Around and Exploring

There's an entire world out there! Let's explore it!

Depending on how much conversation you've had you may need to see what room you're currently in again. Type look and press the enter key. Below the description of the room you will see something like:

You can go: Out <S>

In most rooms there will be a similar list of exits. My example only has one, Out. You can type out to go that direction. However, if you prefer to know where you're going before you go there, you could instead type look out. The game will give you a brief description of "what's in that direction" if you do.

In any case, typing the name of an exit will take you to another room which the game will describe to you. That room will also have a list of exits:

You can go: Underbrush <N>, Hole <D>, Climb <U>, Gathering Circle <S>