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Selowyn has been lurking about NarniaMUCK since 2005, and ascended to Roleplay staff in 2015. Narnia is her first and only MU, partly because she's too lazy to find another one that actively RPs and mostly because she loves it too much to split her time with anywhere else.

With that in mind, since the players are the best part of Narnia (awesome world, yes, but it'd be boring to sit around all on her lonesome), she loves hearing from you, whether just to chat, answer questions, bounce plots around with, or generally be reassured you have not been replaced by a machine.

Out in the real world, Selowyn enjoys reading anything fantasy, thinking about writing, 'critiquing' or fangirling over what she read, hiking, rereading her favorite books, cooking, baking, and skiing.
Her favorite books are: (* marks kid-friendly)
-The Chronicles of Narnia* (C.S. Lewis) (She really hopes you know this one, at least)
-Lord of the Rings (J.R.R. Tolkien)
-Pretty much anything by Brandon Sanderson. He's amazing. His kid-friendly books include Rithmatist and Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians.
-Plain Kate (Erin Bow)
-And a bunch of other ones that slip her mind at the moment.

Her main obsession is stories. Give her a good one and she'll love it forever.