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Lydia has been playing on NarniaMUCK since September 2007 and building since February 2008. Between college and traveling, she has often been impressively idle, but in February 2011, with her graduation approaching, she was formally added to the Game Development team and began managing staff duties, including building and the plotting of new gameworld regions and features.

NarniaMUCK was her first MU*, though her experience with roleplay began quite some time before then (her mother will tell you that her identity was highly questionable during toddlerhood because she usually went by the names of characters from her favorite stories). She has done short stints on other RPI MU*s, but NarniaMUCK is her online home.

Some of her favorite projects here have included:

  • In-game clothing design
  • The 10th Anniversary festival
  • The Coghill region
  • The Chesterton region

Outside of Narnia, her interests include:

  • Healthcare. She's a registered nurse who is currently working on her hospital's Surgical Progressive Care Unit.
  • Stories. Books, movies, songs, people's lives, etc.
  • Comedy. If TV shows could be soulmates, The Office would be hers.
  • Music. Particularly classic rock of all varieties, blues, and selected musicals. You can never go wrong singing Beatles songs to her.
  • Dance. She trained in classical ballet for eleven years, with some other styles thrown in for good measure.
  • Costuming. More specifically, she enjoys researching and recreating mid-nineteenth century fashion.
  • Hiking. Some of her favorite trails include Mt. Le Conte and Chimney Tops in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Angel's Landing in Zion National Park, Fairyland in Bryce Canyon National Park, and various backpacking stretches on the Appalachian Trail.

Page, page #mail, and email ( are good ways to reach her.