We're working hard to create a environment and system where you can role-play Narnia themed stories without needing our assistance. But for those times when you do, here's how to get assistance from the staff.

First, decide what sort of problem you have...

If you are in the game and need to talk to someone immediately, type staff (and press enter), identify someone who is "On-Duty" and page that person like this: page Melody=I need help with ... and the staff member you page should get back to you within a few minutes. If it does not need to be addressed immediately, please use one of the other methods below.

If you have an idea for the game, you've found a typo, spelling error, grammatical mistake, have a design complaint about the website, some part of the game mechanics isn't working correctly, any technical problems with the website or forums, please use the request system. If you're connected to the game, you can use one of the following commands: bug, compliment, gripe, idea, typo. For all of them, you can simply type:

idea one or two sentences about a great idea you had..

Some things just aren't appropriate for the general request system. If you can't access the game, want room for more detailed information than the in-game request system can handle, or have a message that you don't feel fits into the request system's purpose, you can use either page-mail or e-mail. When using page-mail you should always use a group alias:

For Group Command
New alt ideas rpstaff page #mail rpstaff=I have new idea for an alt...
Role-Play rpstaff page #mail rpstaff=What if the tinyplot for ...
Conflicts/disagreements with other players Player Relations p #mail prstaff=Windsailer keeps picking on me!
Something for all staff All Staff p #mail staff=So here's the deal...

Note that you can send a longer page mail by typing: p #mail and pressing enter. It will drop you into an lsedit editor so you can compose your mail. Use .end to finish and send your message or .abort if you change your mind.

If you need to send an e-mail, you can contact all the staff with, or an individual staff member by emailing (for instance,

If you are having a conflict with a specific staffer that cannot be resolved by speaking with another staff member, or a conflict with the staff as a whole, you can contact the server wizard at