Acceptable Use Policy

NarniaMUCK, access to NarniaMUCK, and the computing resources required to operate NarniaMUCK are granted on a revocable basis, and at no time is this access guaranteed.

By using NarniaMUCK and/or any of its associated platforms, you agree to the following:

Terms of Service

NarniaMUCK services may be used only for lawful purposes. Transmission or solicitation for reception of material which violates U.S. federal or Indiana state law, any policy of the site where the MUCK operates, or state or local law of the area in which you reside, is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • material that is threatening
  • material that is libelous
  • hate speech
  • material that violates trade-secret, patent or copyright protections.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless NarniaMUCK, its administrators, the owners/operators of the computing resources, and all other parties connected with the administration of NarniaMUCK from all claims which are a result of your usage, without limitation.

You agree that any traffic which originates from your character or connection is your legal responsibility.

You agree that information you give the admins to be put up on the NarniaMUCK web pages (i.e. logs) will have a dual copyright. NarniaMUCK will have the right to publish the material on its web site, while you will maintain all other rights except for those that infringe upon the copyrights held by the C.S. Lewis Company, Walden Media, Harper-Collins, Disney, 20th Century Fox, The Mark Gordon Company, or Netflix.

Notwithstanding the above, you agree that should we be found liable in a court of law for any action or lack of action related to your use of NarniaMUCK, our liability is limited to $0.01.

Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) Notice:

We reserve the right to monitor any and all communications through or with NarniaMUCK computing facilities. You agree that NarniaMUCK facilities are NOT to be considered a secure communications medium for the purposes of the ECPA, and that no expectation of privacy is afforded.

Rules of Conduct

Access to NarniaMUCK may be denied or revoked for any reason deemed appropriate by staff or the server administrator, including but not limited to violating our terms and conditions of service in any of the following ways:

  • Using NarniaMUCK, the NarniaMUCK forums, the NarniaMUCK discord server, or NarniaMUCK-affiliated social media to transmit 'real life' threats of harm to another player;
  • Using language that discriminates against or is derogatory toward anyone's race, color, religion, absence of religion, creed, nationality, national origin, ancestry, disability, age, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation, whether or not that person plays on NarniaMUCK;
  • Harassing, threatening or deliberately embarrassing another player or character, including making insulting, offensive, or abusive comments about a player or attacking a player based on the above protected attributes;
  • Initiating or participating in sexually explicit roleplay, regardless of the age and consent of all participants;
  • Persistent use of profanity, or language that is vulgar, sexually explicit, or graphically violent, within NarniaMUCK, the NarniaMUCK forums, the NarniaMUCK discord server, or NarniaMUCK-affiliated social media;
  • Attempting to crash or corrupt the database or computing resources of NarniaMUCK;
  • Falsification of registration information, which shall be considered an immediate violation of the terms and conditions of service.

These policies do not protect groups which promote hate speech, hate acts, harassment of marginalized groups, or any other behavior which would violate NarniaMUCK's AUP from being denounced for those qualities on our platforms.

Violation of any of the terms of service or rules of conduct may result in any or all of the following:

  • Suspension of access to NarniaMUCK and/or its associated platforms for a time to be determined by staff.
  • Removal of your character and/or account and termination of access to NarniaMUCK and/or its associated platforms without prior notice.
  • Notification of your internet service provider.
  • Notification of civil and/or law enforcement authorities.