IC Happenings: 2017

Hey guys!

We haven’t done one of these big updates for a while, but NarniaMUCK’s had one eventful year that looks likely to lead into another eventful year, and we figured a recap might be useful for anybody who wants to jump back in but isn't sure where to start.

The Pevensies have gone back to England, leaving Narnia the peaceful legacy of their golden age, but without a monarch. The duties of the kings and queens have been taken over temporarily by a council led by Tumnus, Sallowpad, and Peridan, and the people of Narnia have been tasked by Aslan with finding and appointing new leaders. Archenland has sent a small diplomatic delegation to offer assistance but not to take a leadership role unless invited.

In response to these events, we anticipate two major schools of thought on what Narnia’s new leadership will look like and how it will come into effect.

The first school of thought will lean toward human leadership on the basis that while Narnia is not a human's country, it is a country that has historically been ruled by humans. Ascribers will hope to fill the four thrones again to reestablish the same form of monarchy that has served Narnia for the last decade and a half. They may also think to look further back into their human-ruled history, at Frank and his descendents. Since the Pevensies had no heir, they will need to agree on a method of choosing such rulers, something Narnia has never had to do.

Others will prefer to keep all options open. Some might point out that while Aslan gave guidance three months ago for what qualities to look for in a new leader, none of that guidance specifically said that that new leader must be human. Others might observe that while Aslan has directed the Narnians to look for a leader, he did not specify a monarch. Still others might suggest adopting a more localized form of governance, depending on the prides and herds and packs of Narnia to be responsible for the security and enforcement of laws in the areas they patrol. Since Narnia has never held a non-human or non-monarchical government, these groups will need to draft at least a few new rules and ordinances, maybe many.

Where your character lands will depend largely on their personal experience with the Pevensies, with pack/herd/pride leadership, and with Narnian tradition. We're especially looking for characters with military or castle history, and people in the Northern Guard, the two wolf packs, or other structured groups (eagles, lions, unicorns, centaurs, etc) -- but there's definitely room for everybody. Give us a shout and we'll help you figure out where your character or character concept fits into this arc!

Hope to see you IC soon!

Mel & RP Staff