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About Feaelin

Feaelin was first brought on NarniaMUCK in 2001 as a Technical Advisor, assisting Wixenstyx with any problems that came up with the server and MUF programs. In the subsequent years, Feaelin has been either Server Wizard1 or Technical Advisor. In the summer of 2010, with Real Life occupying all of Wixenstyx's attention, Feaelin took over the day-to-day operations of NarniaMUCK.

Feaelin is no stranger2 to role-playing, muds, mucks, and their kin. Feaelin began table-top role-playing in 1981, he has played many different table-top role-playing systems since.

Feaelin's first introduction to online communities was in the mid to late 80s where he chatted on "Online Bulletin Board Systems" (BBSs)3. In the early 90s, Feaelin administered a BBS for a state university.

It wasn't until 1991 that he encountered his first muds. Feaelin's first character, Feaelin, was created around October 13th, 1991. He's been mudding and mucking ever since. He's see the rise and fall of many worlds; some he misses quite dearly. Some that stand out in his memories are Visions, Copper, Time Traveller, Renaissance, and Qwest.

GlowMUCK and CircleMUD/dikuMud are his favorite code-bases, he's played and programmed on those types of worlds the most.

In addition to his staff role on NarniaMUCK, Feaelin is also a wizard on the now nearly inactive LegacyMUCK, Director for MUCK University, and the current maintainer for the GlowMUCK Server and Glow Standard MUF Library.

Feaelin continues to play tabletop role-playing games. His current favorite is Diaspora. He and a fellow role-player are dabbling in role-playing game system design--brought on by dissatisfaction with past favorite systems.

In the Real World, Feaelin works professionally as a web hosting and programming consultant. Before his free-lance career he worked in Desktop and Networking support for ten years. He has a degree in Computer Science, a wife for 18 years, two 18 year old cats, a teenage daughter, and four year old cat4.

Tools Feaelin Uses

Occasionally, I get asked "What do you use for ...". Here is a list. Note that this list will be always incomplete and out-of-date...

  • Tinyfugue: MUD/Muck Client. Primarily used for mudding in general, I also use it specifically because I have custom macros that make MUF Programming easier.
  • GNU Emacs: Text Editor. Most text editing I have to do I do in Emacs, whether its MUF, Ruby, HTML, CSS, C, C++, ...
  • Notepad++: Text Editor. Recently switch to doing MUF in Notepad++ because of its easy facility for building custom highlighting
  • Pixel Ruler: Handy tool for measure stuff "on screen". http://www.mioplanet.com/products/pixelruler/
  • Chrome Web Browser
  • Firefox Web Browser
  • Safari (only sometimes)
  • Internet Explorer (even less often)
  • Laptop OS is Windows 7--but for tinyfugue and most web and muck work, I tend to either be logged into a Linux Slackware box or a Debian Linux box
  • Desktop OS is Windowx XP
  • Virtual Machine OS is Fedora 16
  • 1. The title normally given to the person whose account/machine the muck server resides.
  • 2. Okay, he is very strange, but that is beside the point.
  • 3. If you have no idea what this is...imagine a webforum and chat room but without graphics...all plain text. The earliest ones didn't even have color.
  • 4. Frequently referred to as "the kitten" despite being well past that stage.