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Website Issues

We have the website back up and running. The hosting company updated all sites to PHP 7.2, which apparently is incompatible with website's software (an aging version of Drupal). I've downgraded PHP for now, but at some point in the future we'll need to upgrade Drupal.

Feaelin's Blog: Narnia's G Rating

Narnia MUCK has its own philosophies, its own way of doing things. Some of them are surprising to some mu*ers. Some might not. One philosophy that surprises some newcomers to Narnia MUCK is our strong desire to keep the role-play G rated... Read more »

Discovery of the Week: Learned Exits

You can't go anywhere on NarniaMUCK without stumbling over some clever mechanism.

In the course of working on something else I came across a place where you can't see the exits from the room. I wasn't sure what the deal was until I looked closer. Wixenstyx implemented a clever gadget that means your character must "learn" the area before you can see where the exits are--happily simulating the effect of your character learning the area and knowing the lay of the land.

Keep Exploring! Who knows what we'll discover next!

Web Infrastructure

I've been focusing on rebuilding our web infrastructure this week!

If you look in the rightmost column you'll see that there's a list of recent topics from our newly rebuilt forums. If you haven't logged into them already, hop over to NarniaMUCK Forums and login using your character's name and password. That's right! No remembering a password for each system--whether its NarniaMUCK's muck or NarniaMUCK's web, you use the same login information.

Next on my radar is the Request Management System, otherwise known as the "typo/compliment/gripe/idea/bug" system! A long while back, I wrote the program so you (that is, players on the muck) could inform us of our extremely rare mistakes and submit your consistently high quality ideas and suggestions. Wonderfully, it turns out that Narnians are incredibly generous with their gentle criticism and are full of many grand ideas. So many, in fact, that my now aging task system is creaking under the ponderous load of all the requests.

Watch this space for news of either a) I tore my hair completely out coming up with a solution b) in another feat of brilliance I've solved all the problems and taught pigs to fly!


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