Network Upgrades: Possible lag or outages.

Over the next few days we may experience some connectivity issues with either the website or the game itself.

This is because the hosting company is upgrading its network infrastructure. While they'll making an effort to minimize down-time there still may be some brief moments where the server or the webpages are unreachable. So don't panic if you can't connect--simply try again five minutes or so later.


Tip of the Week: Travel

When you cross into a new region, you receive a message telling you "You've crossed a border!". That means you've travelled around a day's journey. These are in place to help you keep travel realistic. If your character plans to travel, enjoy the journey and keep the timeframe to get there within reasonable limits. Your character needs a good IC reason to move regions--something more than "there was a lot of RP there". Are they traveling to see family? Are they a merchant with a new spice to sell? Are they delivering a message? There are great regions to explore and we understand it's tough to find RP at times, but
keep random travel to a minimum, and if you ARE traveling within your region or a nearby one just to map or for fun, please do it when there aren't RPers around, and don't bring that travel IC.

MAY-be Chat Month

For the month of May, we're going to try out the Glow Chat System by adding a global channel. It is possible that you'll think of it as the 'public channel' but it is called "Dreamchat". The usual sorts of commands will allow you to access it, such as 'dreamchat', 'dc'. As I am lazy, I leave the other aliases as an exercise for experimentation.

We'll be trying out a variety of settings throughout the month. This week, the channel is configured so that it has to be turned on each time your character connects (unless it is already connected). The channel WILL NOT announce when someone has started listening to the channel.

It is a public channel, anyone might hear what you say on it, so be conscious of that when you use it. Don't have conversations on it that you intend to be private. As always, be careful not to reveal privileged in-character information, do not use the channel as a way of speculating about player alternate characters, and try not to 'reveal your secret identity'. Play your cards close to your chest, just like a superhero. Smile

We're trying it out from 2012 May 1st (Midnight-GMT) through 11:50 PM GMT on May 31st.

Feaelin's Blog: Narnia's G Rating

Narnia MUCK has its own philosophies, its own way of doing things. Some of them are surprising to some mu*ers. Some might not. One philosophy that surprises some newcomers to Narnia MUCK is our strong desire to keep the role-play G rated... Read more »

Wolves and Foxes

Some of you may have played a board game called Wolves and Foxes, created by Wixenstyx and located in a couple of places around the MUCK. We got some bug reports on it and so I've straightened those out and added several more game sets around taverns and inns in various regions. There's also a set located in the lower level of the OOC Lounge, if you can't find one in your IC region.

Come one, come all and match your wits!

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